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Adder Logo

Adder is a leading developer and manufacturer of KVM switches, video and audio extenders, KVM over IP devices and remote management solutions. Their products empower IT professionals to manage networks and enable distributed remote control anywhere in the world. Adder video and audio extension technologies deliver high definition video and CD quality audio for many applications including digital signage.

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ATEN has been engaged in the design, development and manufacture of KVM switch products and solution for more than 2 decades. With their commitment to becoming the leading KVM switch solution provider worldwide, they have a full range of sophisticated KVM products from entry level systems to the enterprise "Altusen" range.

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Austin Hughes Logo

Austin Hughes Europe's core business is to provide with customers innovative 19 inch rack mount technology centralized server management solutions. We are delighted to stock the CyberView Keyboard and LCD Keyboard Drawer range.

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CableFree Partner Logo

CableFree is a leading designer and manufacturer of professional wireless products for a wide variety of applications. Our products are in use in over 50 countries with applications including Telecommunications, Campus Connectivity, Corporate, Finance, Education, Healthcare, Industrial, Broadcast, Military and CCTV security.

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Network Technologies Inc Logo

Network Technologies Inc manufactures keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) and audio/video switches, splitters and extenders for computers (PC, MAC, and SUN, including USB) and video sources (DVD player, satellite receiver). By consistently providing KVM and audio/video solutions that combine innovation with reliable high-performance, their products empower improved efficiency, energy costs and maximize space utilization.

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Raritan Logo

Raritan are a global provider of Cat5 KVM, KVM-over-IP, serial-over-IP, power, server and network monitoring and management solutions. Award-winning KVM technologies help dramatically reduce costs associated with hardware, personnel, physical space, power consumption and security. Raritan solutions also help reduce IT infrastructure downtime while boosting the productivity of IT staff.

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Rittal Logo

Rittal has a comprehensive range of packaging technology elements for the factory of the future, even in the toughest ambient conditions. Modular enclosure technology is advantageous in terms of the rapid assembly and adaptation of controllers. High-quality products + matching accessories + modular assembly = perfect solutions at an inexpensive price.

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KVMshop logo

Power over Ethernet is the ideal power solution for a vast array of data equipment for business and industry use. We supply PoE solutions from the PowerDsine range.

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KVMshop logo

We also supply a wide range of cables, accessories and switches under our own KVMshop brand.

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