Glossary of KVM terminology

Extenders - Allow you to operate keyboard, video screens and mouse devices at a distance.

KVM - Keyboard, Video and Mouse

PDU's - Power Distribution Units. Specifically used in server and networking equipment cabinets these units are also known as power rails, blocks, plug extension sockets.

Rackmountable - Typically means a 19" wide device or accessory which can be easily slotted or mounted into a standard server rack or network cabinet.

SOHO - Small Office / Home Office.

Serial Console Server - a device or service that provides access to the system console of a computing device via networking technologies. Also known as console access server or console management server.

Splitter - Takes a single output, sucj as audio, video or both, and splits into two or more signals. For example, allowing multiple computer or video screens to be driven from one computer or video device.

Switch - Allows you to switch between one device, like a computer, video screen, computer monitor, keyboard, etc. These can be manual, mechanical switches or electrical, automated switches.

VDU - Visual Display Unit, more commonly known as a monitor or video screen.

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