Save time and money

One of the biggest benefits of employing KVM switches is to remove multiple keyboards, monitors and mice and replace them with a KVM Switching solution to enable a single keyboard, monitor and mouse to control endless multi platform servers.

These savings are particularly obvious in server rooms and in the support of large IT networks. In these situations there's no need to waste valuable time getting the server room/data centre you can now have complete control from up to 300m away over Cat 5e or Cat6 cabling.

Even if the network goes down the servers can still be controlled and rebooted remotely from any location with internet access with out of band management using the full GUI screen and full control to BIOS level.

A single GUI with a single IP address can reduce the overheads of managing multiple addresses, speeds up response, reduces downtime.

Pre selected secure systems

We have selected a range of KVM solutions which cannot be "hacked" as they are independent of the network and a physical connection is required to access the system.

Encrypted security ensures that if a physical connection is made then access is restricted to unauthorised users.


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